October 2, 2023

Stop Wasting Time with Outdated Proposal Strategies

“Step 1: Position your assets”

“Step 14: Execute marketing plan”

“Step 75: Institute core team”

(Take a nap…)

“Step 111: Draft proposal management plan”

“Step 273: Schedule kickoff proposal meeting”

(Take another nap…)

“Step 427: Review costing figures”

Are you bored yet? Feel a little patronized?

These very elementary steps are pulled directly from a company’s business development plan, intended to guide driven, high-performing, and highly intelligent business leaders (like yourself) down its bloated pathway for exorbitantly large government contracts that almost certainly aren’t on your proposal to-do list.

Believe it or not, this step-by-step list goes all the way to 96 steps. Unless you’re a middle-aged parent who just bought a FitBit, that’s an excessive number of steps.

This rigid process was once considered the gold standard in the proposal management world. But after two decades (and a hell of a lot learning and progress on your part), this damn-near 100 step process has lost its place on the medal stand because of three major problems.

Problem 1: This process is outdated and out-of-touch.

There’s a place for tried-and-true methods, for tradition, and for working to maintain a standard of excellence. The world of government contracts has changed radically since these steps were developed, and education and training for government have equally evolved. There are more opportunities for professionals pursuing work in the GovCon world than ever before, yet some still believe this one-size-fits-all process can apply to this ever-changing landscape.

It doesn’t.

This process applies to absurdly large government contracts that account for a fraction of the federal contracts available, leaving the approach for thousands of smaller contracts to the side.

Problem 2: This process assumes you don’t know what you’re doing (but you do!).

You know you’re smart, experienced, and capable. We know it too.

But this 96-step process is telling you,

“You don’t know what you’re doing, so we’ll hold your hand for every single step we’ve made up. We’re the experts.”

It’s completely disconnected from what you actually need. You’re an experienced pro, and you know how to navigate the GovCon world. You don’t need outdated steps to create a proposal. You need innovative, dynamic, and consultative guidance to craft winning proposals that smoke your competition.

Problem 3: This process is a waste of your time.

You need a lot of detailed steps if you’re building IKEA furniture or updating computer software. You don’t need it for creating proposals that land you federal contracts.

Your small or medium-sized business needs an agile process that’s customizable to your unique needs. A 96-step process is cumbersome and will ultimately be a burden for you and your team. It also fails to out integrate your sales and marketing strategies, leaving you with a process that’s more productivity killer than asset.

You deserve better.

That’s why we developed our proven process, Your Strategic Edge, to give you the tools you need and the results you deserve. Our process has helped business leaders from across the country land transformational contracts that turn small startups into major players and help larger businesses strategically-attack must-win procurements. With our integrated, holistic approach we provide business leaders with:

  • Collaboration and genuine relationships
  • Refusal to be complacent
  • Belief in outside the box, forward thinking

Ready to take off the blinders and see your business in a whole new light? Schedule a meeting with us today.

Krystn Macomber


There’s magic in disrupting the ordinary. This is the philosophy Krystn brings to working with and empowering her clients. With a 20-year track record of helping global professional services enterprises, Krystn is redefining what’s possible for companies looking to elevate their marketing, pursuit, and business development operations. She is an industry leader, award winner, mentor, coach, and highly sought-after speaker.

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